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Hair Treatment

 Maintain your hair with Professional In-Salon Treatment 

Always doing chemical services and finding that home treatment doesn’t really work for you? There are several types of treatments available in the salon to help your hair in reliving its glorious moments.

 Moisture Treatment 

Moisture treatment helps in deep conditioning to target dry, split hair concerns with a lack of shine. Most ideal for customers who have overprocessed, heat damaged hair.

 Hair Detox Treatment 

Detox treatment gets rid of buildup residue from too much product usage or chemicals. A detox treatment improves the health of the hair and scalp and helps improve hair growth. Most ideal for customers who uses hair styling products.

 Keratin Treatment 

Keratin treatment helps smoothens curly or frizzy hair without having the need to use flat iron or styling products to do so. Waking up to straight and smooth hair has never been easier with keratin treatment.

 How do I know which Treatment suits me best? 

For best professional advise it is best to consult our hair stylist, before deciding on which hair treatment will be most beneficial to you.